Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Ending and a Beginning

Eighteen months and 87 articles later, the Creative Codependence Blog is taking a break. I've loved writing this blog and will continue to teach and write about codependence but starting tomorrow, May 23, a new blog takes its place:The Interdependent Life
Join me as I continue to explore creative ways to live life — ways that respect open and honest communication, the mutuality of need and the boundaries required to serve us in good health. As always, I welcome your comments.

For ease of searching, I've listed all the Creative Codependence articles by month below.

Stay tuned for The Creative Living workshops this fall:

• Creative Codependence™: Getting more Out of Life
• Interdependent Living: Mutuality, Respect and Self Leadership
• Awakening to Boundaries: Taking Care of Self

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November, 2009
Global Dependency

December 2009

The Power of No
Self Care
Climate Change

January 2010

Horses, Boundaries and Dr. Suess
Rules (part one)
Rules (part two)

February 2010

Self Responsibility
The Girl Cell
Of Being Human
Day 1 - Day 7 of the 2010 Interdependence Challenge

March 2010

Risky Investments
The Triple C

April 2010


The Wind
A Muse on Life

May 2010

Trust and Safety Series
Trust and Safety (part one)
The Codependency of Mistrust
The Chicken and the Egg (part three)
Trust and Safety (part four)

June 2010

Centre Stage
An African Folk Tale (part one)
Name Your Hunger (part two)
The Hunger of Codependence (part three)

July 2010

The Hunger of Addiction (part four)
The Power Give Away
Self Protection

August 2010

A question on Vulnerability
More on Vulnerability

September/October 2010

Bread Making Series
The Light and the Dark of It
Perfection and the Mother Starter
Good Bread: The Hopeful Cure-All
Authority and the Art of Break Making

The Simple Life
Breaking the Contract

November 2010

Jack of the Petit Dumpling
The Road
Party On Or Not

December 2010
My Favorite Things
Half the Sky
Gift Giving
Selfishness or Health Self Care
Awareness and Responsibility

January 2011

Reclaiming Codependence
Hairdresser's Anonymous
Recovery and Sustainability: Are We Worth It

The Interconnectedness of Self Worth
The Cupboard Gourmet
Our Body; Our Self
In Praise of Being Wrong

February 2011

Hiding Behind the Socially Acceptable
Adventures in Buckwheat
Love the One You're With (part one)
Love the One You're With (part two)
Mother Issues
The Opaque Mirror

March 2011

The 2011 Interdependence Challenge
Day 1 - Day 7
Interdependence and the Social Media
Unconditional Meaning
Holding Centre