Friday, March 4, 2011

The Interdependent Challenge: Day 1

My interdependent act today was more of a thought than a behavior. I woke up with one of those existential angst questions: “Why are we here?” Not the most pleasant way to wake but then again I was somewhat relieved to find the question wasn’t “what is my worth?” For all intents and purposes I seemed to have resolved that issue on that fated bus/train trip of last year. Back to this morning, however, it was more the whys that got me and these whys were followed by this feeling of emptiness; a loss of purpose. I don’t have a religion but I am also not agnostic, in fact, I have a deep sense of spirit. But it doesn’t help me understand the purpose of our existence. I walked the question down to its roots, as is my wont, and came to the following, albeit nebulous, conclusion.

Whether by chance or design, we are here. I don’t have to know why but in this place of “here” I can love or hate; destroy or create. It is all a matter of choice. I don’t have to know the whys as much as the hows: how do I want to live my life?

And that is my interdependent thought for the day: I will do my best to act with love and to create with care so that no one (including myself) loses energy or hurts; my actions are at worst benign but at best beneficial to all I encounter.

I am off for another long bus/train ride… may that thought carry me through.


  1. Love it! Wasn't it Viktor Frankel who said that a person who has a "why" to live for can live with any "how"? And he learned that in a prison camp!
    (Not sure if you want us to share our interdependent moments, thoughs, and actions or not. And then, I'm not sure exactly what I'd share not sure yet that I have got it "right".)

  2. You know I have his book on my bookshelf, and have been meaning to read it... sounds like a good time to do so, eh?
    Thanks Bonnie. J